Protective Orders

A protective order is a civil order from a judge that protects you or your minor child from harm or abuse by someone you with whom you have had a domestic relationship. Adam S. Hyman or Julie Marindinwill work with you to adequately prepare for your Protective Order Hearing. Among the remedies available through a Protective Order can be orders to:

  • Stop abusing and threatening the person who obtained the order
  • Stay away from the home, workplace and / or school of the person who obtained the order

Order of Protection

A protective order is also known as an Order of Protection. For the purposes of getting a protective order or order of protection, Maryland law defines eligible “abuse” as the commission of one of the following acts by a spouse, relative, ex-spouse or domestic partner:

  • Assault An act that places you in fear of immediate serious bodily harm or actually causes you serious bodily harm;
  • Attempted or actual rape or sexual offense
  • Stalking
  • False imprisonment, such as holding you somewhere against your will.

There is no fee to file for (or to serve) a protective order, and you do not need a lawyer to file for an order of protection, but it may be helpful to have one represent you, especially if the other side has a lawyer. Even if the other side does not have a lawyer, we suggest that you talk to a lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protected.

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