If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, or think that your spouse may be getting ready to file for divorce, it’s important that you consult with a divorce attorney so you know what to expect. It is often a mistake for parties to try to negotiate their own Marital Settlement Agreement.
A layperson cannot fully understand the intricacies of all aspects of divorce, additionally, an inexperienced divorce attorney can cause, not resolve problems if he or she drafts a Marital Settlement Agreement without fully understanding all of the implications. Divorce attorney Adam S. Hyman has a wealth of experience in drafting Marital Settlement Agreements as well as divorce litigation.

Maryland Divorce Laws

Maryland divorce laws make divorce in Maryland unique from the process that many people are familiar with from Hollywood or the movies. Maryland does not recognize the distinct legal state of being “legally separated.” One cannot file for “legal separation”, but that does not mean that parties cannot enter into a written Separation Agreement which can help the parties resolve the various issues arising out of a divorce.
While the vast majority of divorce cases end in a written agreement rather than a trial, it is occasionally in your best interests to take your divorce proceedings before a Judge. Among the issues that could be decided in a divorce trial include the award of use and possession of a marital home,alimony, and the division of retirement accounts, pensions and/or other retirement assets. Of course, many divorce matters also include child custody disputes. You are best served by being represented by an experienced divorce attorney who understands all aspects of divorce law.

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