Traffic lawyer Julie Marindin can help you navigate traffic court whether you face traffic ticket violations, license suspension or charges for a serious motor vehicle offense such as leaving the scene.
Ms. Marindinis a traffic attorney representing private and commercial clients in Harford County and Baltimore County, Maryland.She represents clients facing a variety of charges for traffic violations, such as:
License Suspension

• CDL License Suspension

Traffic Ticket Violations

• Traffic Tickets
• Moving Violations
• CDL Violations
• Speeding Tickets
• Distracted Driving
• Out of State Drivers

Serious Motor Vehicle Offenses

• Leaving the Scene / Hit and Run
• Driving with a Suspended License/Revoked License
• Driving without a License
• Driving an Uninsured Vehicle

Maryland traffic violations can mean serious penalties including jail time, points on your license, and convictions on your driving record. A poor traffic record can negatively impact your job, security clearance, and future employment opportunities.
Ms. Marindinis an experienced traffic lawyer committed to helping obtain the most favorable legal outcome. She has defended people who don’t have a license, who have a provisional license, a learner’s permit, an out of state license, or a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”).
For some minor traffic violations that can result in fines and/or points on your license, a traffic lawyer can appear in traffic court for you. These charges include speeding tickets and some moving violations. For more serious traffic offenses, you will have to appear in court. It’s important to have an experienced traffic attorney like Julie Marindin by your side when you appear before the judge.