If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI, contact DUI lawyerJulie Marindin right away at 410-838-3978.She’s knowledgeable with Maryland drunk driving laws and has defended numerous clients over the years.DUI and DWI charges can also result from the driver being under the influence of drugs.

Experienced DUI Attorney

DUI attorney Marindin will represent you in both your criminal case and/or your hearings with the MVA. She has experience representing clients in first time DUI cases, and repeat offenders, with favorable outcomes.
DUI and DWI are serious criminal charges that can carry long term consequences, including loss of license, loss of security clearance, and most important of all, loss of freedom. DUI lawyer Julie Marindin will work tirelessly on your case, examining your arrest record from the beginning to the end.
She will begin by making sure you understand the charges against you, and the possible consequences, as well as possible lines of defense. We’ve listed some of the possible consequences for the DUI / DWI below.
DUI Penalties

  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Assessment of points on your driver’s license
  • Large fines
  • Extended prison time
  • Additional fines and jail time if a you’re minor at the time of the offense
  • Possible permanent loss of license
  • Court ordered drug or alcohol treatment
  • Ignition interlock installed on your vehicle
  • Impoundment or forfeiture of vehicle

If you’re facing DUI or DWI charges,call DUI attorneyJulie Marindin today at 410-838-3978 for a free consultation.