Child Custody

A child custody dispute is hard on everyone. For most parents, the right to raise their child or children in the manner that he or she sees fit is basic and undeniable. But once a couple separates or divorces, who raises the children? Many times, the decision is left up to the court.

Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers like Adam S. Hyman work hard to make sure that when you’re involved in a child custody dispute, you understand what you are facing. It is imperative that you have a lawyer represent you in a child custody dispute, to ensure you present the best case to the court.
There are two forms of “child custody” – “legal custody” and “physical custody”. “Legal custody” refers to the authority to make major decisions related to education, health and religious issues on behalf of a child, and “physical custody” refers to where the subject child spends his or her time

While these two forms of child custody are different from one another, when determined by a Court, they are each determined by a Judge or Magistrate based upon a legal standard. It is therefore crucial that the litigant (or his or her counsel) be able to explain why that individual’s claim is in the child’s best interests. Experienced child custody lawyers can help you to present that claim in an effective manner.
Our child custody practice includes:

    • Joint and sole custody disputes
    • Establishing the parents’ income as a basis for child support
    • Creating visitation schedules that incorporate work and school schedules
    • Helping mediate disputes regarding child-rearing, religion and education, etc.