Harford County Adoption Attorney

Harford County adoption attorney Rachael Roberts is the newest addition to the law firm of Hyman and Marindin, PA. Attorney Roberts will guide you through the legal process as you build your family through adoption or guardianship. Ms. Roberts is licensed in the state of Maryland, and works primarily with clients who reside in Harford County,  and Baltimore and Cecil Counties.

Having an experienced, client-centered adoption attorney such as Ms. Roberts by your side helps minimize the stress and reduce potential problems.

Attorney Roberts can help you with:

  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Grandparent Adoption
  • Foreign Adoption
  • Inter-state and intra-state Adoption
  • Surrogacy – she works both with prospective parents and birth mothers
  • LGBT Adoption

She works with prospective adoptive parents from helping you decide which path to adoption is best for your family to finalizing the adoption papers. She assists in private adoptions and agency adoptions. Attorney Roberts also works with birth parents to locate an adoptive family and advocate for you during the adoption process.


Establishing guardianship is a formal, legal process where a person applies to be the legal guardian of either an adult or a minor. In both cases, if guardianship is granted, the adult or child with a court appointed guardian is referred to in legal terms as the ward.

Adult Guardianship

An adult guardianship case starts when a petition is filed with the circuit court for someone to be appointed legal guardian for an “alleged disabled person”.

When the “alleged disabled adult” is no longer able to make decisions in their own best interests, including financial decisions, healthcare, etc., because of mental disability, physical disability, or both, a person can seek guardianship.

We represent clients seeking to obtain guardianship, as well as the interests of the “alleged disabled adult” depending on our client’s needs. We have experience with both sides of the guardianship issue, and will keep you informed through each step of the process. .

Guardianship of a Minor

Legal guardianship of a minor is different than child custody, and different than adoption. The biological parents or adoptive parents are the natural guardians of a child. A legal guardianship of a child is set into motion when the natural guardians are unable to take care of the child(ren) or have proven they are unfit to care for the children (an example would be child abuse.)

To begin the guardianship of a minor process, a third party will petition the court for guardianship in the name of the minor child. The prospective guardian is often a blood relative, but does not have to be. And in some cases, a blood relative is not eligible to be a guardian because of being a danger to the child, mentally disabled or some other reason.

Attorney Roberts works with clients seeking three main types of guardianship.

  • Planned Guardianships
  • Voluntary Guardianships
  • Contested Guardianships

Attorney Roberts will walk you through the legal process of obtaining legal guardianship of a minor and ensure that all of the proper paperwork is filed and court deadlines are met.