Family Law

Harford County family law attorney Adam S. Hyman has experience working with families during some of the toughest times of their lives – when the parents end their relationship.When children are involved, the divorce can be especially contentious, as both parents struggle to come to an agreement about how the children will be cared for, where they will live, and who will pay to support them.

Occasionally, the children themselves may be asked to appear before the judge. Attorney Hyman has experience guiding children through the process, calming their fears and helping them know what to expect.

If you need an attorney to help you with your child custody or child support case, you can trust family law attorney Adam S. Hyman to provide experienced legal representation, that protects your rights and those of your children.

Child Custody

Attorney Hyman is one of the best child custody lawyers in Harford County. He has worked on even the most complicated of cases. He’ll help you with both the “legal custody” and “physical custody” aspects of child custody. He has worked on cases involving both sole custody and joint custody of the minor children.

Child Support

Whether you’re the one paying child support or the one seeking child support, attorney Hyman will provide legal representation that will protect your rights and the rights of your children.